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Perth Cockroach Control

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Cockroaches are one of the oldest species living on earth. Therefore, over millions of years, evolution has evolved them to survive almost anywhere. Hence, this makes cockroaches one of the most notorious pests to deal with. They can live in sewage pipes, cabinets, gaps in walls etc. Cockroach control Perth is a reliable pest control company near you. We have a team who will take care of all your needs. For pests like cockroaches, all you need is a reliable cockroach control team. Hence, we have the right professional exterminators today. Call us on our toll-free number Front Line Pest Control for details about our services. We have affordable prices on all our cockroach control quotes.

Perth Cockroach Control Service

Why Is Inspection Necessary Before A Cockroach Control Service?

  • Before proceeding with any cockroach treatment process, inspection is a must. This helps us to know the type of cockroaches we are dealing with. And provides information about their feeding habits.
  • Also, flushing out all the cockroaches from their hiding spot needs to be done in this inspection process.
  • Importantly, if the inspection is not carried out, there are chances for future cockroach infestation.
  • Our professionals will use torches, flushing agents, and traps. This ensures no cockroaches are left hiding. Also, this helps us to determine the species of cockroaches.

Our Cockroach Pest Control Treatment Is The Best For All Kinds Of Roaches!

Our professional cockroach control Perth team will visit your property and do a thorough inspection. After we know what cockroaches we are dealing with. Our team will follow the necessary treatment to eradicate them. Some of the species found commonly are:

  • American Cockroach Control:

These are the most common species around 3-4 cm long. These species are brown. Importantly, they can fly short distances.

These species can feast on food items, garbage, and even paper. American cockroaches prefer warm, dark, and moist environments.

  • German Cockroach Control:

German cockroaches are smaller in size compared to American cockroaches. They are 1-1.5 cm long and have an amber colour. These cockroaches have wings but don’t fly. German cockroaches eat anything from food, paper, and grease. Therefore, German cockroach pest control is a must. Importantly, they prefer a highly humid climate. Therefore, they can be found under sinks, sewage pipes, and even around refrigerators.

  • Australian Cockroach Control:

These are similar in appearance to American roaches. Australian cockroaches mostly live in humid climates. They can be found outdoors and even indoors. Always keep food in air-tight containers. Moreover, keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and hygienic. This helps to break their breeding cycle. Cockroach fumigation is one of the most effective processes to deal with this kind. Call our professionals today for all your cockroach infestation problems.

  • Common Shining Cockroach Control:

Common shining cockroaches are an outdoor species to some extent. They are black and have a shiny appearance. But they may infest houses and commercial buildings in search of food. Spraying insecticides is very effective against them as they live in large nests. Therefore, this can break their breeding cycle and get rid of infestation problems.

  • Oriental Cockroach Control:

oriental cockroaches are black. They are small in size being 2 cm long. These species prefer cold climates. They are mostly found outdoors ok tree barks and leaf piles. But they can also live in moist areas like drainage systems. Moreover, these species have wings but they don’t fly. They can feast on wood, flooring, and even books.

We Offer A Single-Call Quick Roach Control Service Near You

Firstly, our experts will visit your property for inspection. This helps us to gather information about the type of cockroach and how bad the infestation is.

  • Secondly, baits or sticky pads are placed inside your property. Places where cockroaches usually thrive like under the sink, cabinets, around appliances, etc.
  • Moreover, cockroaches consume these insecticide baits and return to the nest. Eventually, the infected cockroach will help us to kill the rest of them.
  • Importantly, insecticide sprays are an effective and pocket-friendly method. It is long-lasting and easy to use. These are sprayed in wall gaps, cabinets, around plumbing pipes, etc.
  • Fumigation can be done if necessary. This method uses gas insecticides spraying on cockroaches. This method is very effective on commercial properties like warehouses, manufacturing units, etc. 

Why Should You Hire Us?

  • We are the most reputed and highly reliable cockroach pest control company near you.
  • Our team includes only certified, verified and licensed pest control professionals.
  • We have a variety of cockroach removal services depending on the type of infestation and severity of the infestation.
  • Moreover, our services include the usage of eco-friendly products only. We believe in safe and green pest control solutions.
  • Importantly, all our prices are very affordable. We provide inspection, advanced cockroach control treatments and preventive measures all at once.

Tips To Control German Cockroach

  • German cockroaches are notorious because they can eat almost everything and survive. From wood to books to garbage and even built-up grease.
  • German cockroach treatment is very difficult. Calling for a professional pest control team is your best option.
  • Importantly, you should keep all food items away from their reach. Also, keep your home hygienic and garbage free. This helps to break their breeding cycle.
  • German cockroaches usually enter properties through wall gaps and sewage systems. Our team will fumigate and spray these areas to exterminate them. We will place insecticide pastes on all entry points away from kids’ and pets’ reach.

Therefore, German cockroaches are hard to exterminate. Hence, always keep your house hygienic and clean. Call our experts to book your cockroach control Perth services today.

Our Team Is Available In Your Nearest Area To Provide The Best Cockroach Control Service In Perth

We are one of the most popular cockroach control companies near you. Our clients trust us with our work and honesty. Our local professionals will arrive in your area in no time. We provide services like same-day cockroach control as well we emergency cockroach control. Hence, our local cockroach exterminator team is available throughout the week. Therefore, call us today for bookings and queries.


How did cockroaches get inside my house?

Usually, cockroaches get access to your house through tiny gaps in walls, doors, windows or even through gaps in plumbing. Cockroach eggs can even be hidden in packages and boxes.

What is the lifespan of a cockroach?

Some species of cockroaches can live up to 2-3 years if not dealt with. They live for a long time until they reach their adult stages. While other species live for a shorter time around 6 months to 1 year.

How do I know if my house is infested with cockroaches?

It can be hard for us to see a cockroach physically as they only come out at night. Some common signs to look out for cockroach infestation are – Cockroach faeces and smell.